Great News: Midtown Will Be Getting a Community Hub!

Years of hard work by our City Councillor, Josh Matlow, our TDSB Trustee, Shelley Laskin, staff at the City and TDSB, midtown community members and all of us at have paid off!

Toronto City Council recently voted 31-4 in favour of a City staff recommendation that a Midtown Community Hub be built on the site of Davisville Jr. PS.

When it is completed, we will have a wonderful new recreational facility for our rapidly growing neighbourhood. The plan approved by City Council includes a swimming pool, a general use community room, underground parking under the school, a double gym in the school and rooftop greenspace, with a patio and walking path.

To see more about the city council decision, click here. For more detailed background information, view the City staff’s background report and a supplementary staff report to City Council.

Stay tuned for more updates! members will continue to work on bringing even more facilities and programming to our booming community.


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