Saturday June 3rd, 9:30am -2pm at North Toronto Collegiate – Cafeteria                    The City of Toronto invites you to join the conversation and shape the future of Midtown Toronto.

The Yonge-Eglinton area has experienced significant growth and change in the last decade. The City is developing a plan – Midtown in Focus – to ensure the ingredients of a livable community are in place in the near term and long term, including parks and public spaces, great old and new buildings, community services and facilities, and transportation and servicing infrastructure.

We need your input.  On Saturday, June 3rd, City staff will be hosting an Open House and Workshops as part of Midtown in Focus.  At the Open House, City staff will present the findings and emerging directions of the study and be asking for your feedback in preparation for a new plan for Midtown.

Doors will open at 9:30 AM.  Information stations and staff will be available throughout the day.  Workshop sessions (10:30-11:30 AM and 12:00-1:00 PM) will focus on built form and public realm priorities in different character areas across Midtown.

Midtown In Focus Open House and Workshops

Date: Saturday, June 3, 2017

Time: 9:30 AM – 2:00 PM

Location: North York Collegiate Institute, Cafeteria, 17 Broadway Avenue

This Open House is one of several community consultation activities the City of Toronto is hosting this year to make sure the plan reflects the input of people who make Midtown the dynamic community that it is.

If you would like more information about the Open House or the study, please contact me or

For news media wishing to contact Midtown Hub, please use our contact form.

Underground parking at new Davisville Junior Public School means area to get Midtown Community Hub
– Midtown Hub in City Centre Mirror – July 19, 2016
Years of hard work and determination have finally paid off with firm plans in place to build a community hub in the midtown neighbourhood.

Davisville Junior Public School gets $14.7 million pledge from province for rebuilding costs
– Midtown Hub in Post City Toronto – December 14, 2015
A proposed initiative to build a Midtown hub next to Davisville Junior Public School received some good news last month, after a major cash injection by the province for the rundown school was announced.

A Midtown Hub in Davisville? It could happen
– Midtown Hub in the Town Crier – November 10, 2015
The recent announcement that the Ontario government would provide $14.7 million in funding to rebuild Davisville Junior Public School was “fantastic news,” says Midtown Hub co-founder Lisa Kelleher, whose own daughter will be graduating from the school this year.

Province announces $14.7 million for Davisville school
– Article on the new school for Davisville, plus Midtown Hub in the Town Crier – November 10, 2015
“We’re excited,” [Toronto Lands Corporation CEO Daryl Sage] said, noting Toronto Lands is now likely to take a leading role in developing the community space that many Davisville parents and residents, led by Ward 22 councillor Josh Matlow and community organization Midtown Hub, have requested for the site.

Davisville one of 30 schools to be rebuilt under $500M Ontario plan
– News about a new school for Davisville – a big step forward for Midtown Hub. Toronto Star – November 9, 2015
Plagued by years of leaky ceilings and crammed classrooms, Toronto’s Davisville Junior Public School will get a $14.7 million rebuild that the neighbourhood hopes will become part of a larger community hub to be used by everyone from babies to seniors, all under the same sprawling new roof.

Davisville Public School gets $14.7 million boost from province to rebuild
– Davisville new school announcement and Midtown Hub in the City Centre Mirror – October 27, 2015
[Councillor Josh Matlow] said a new community hub could feature an expanded gym, public swimming pool, community space and possibly a community kitchen, among other features. That would provide the area with much-needed public amenities, the likes of which are wholly absent from the community.
“There’s this mythology that midtown Toronto is a bunch of wealthy neighbourhoods with a bunch of rich people, but that’s just not true,” he said. “We have some of those (neighbourhoods) but we also have people living right at or under the poverty line and the highest percentage of tenants in the city.”

Province commits $14.7 million for new Davisville Jr. Public School
– Announcement on St. Paul’s MPP Dr. Eric Hoskins website of the new school to be built at Davisville – October 26, 2015
“As a growing area of our community, Davisville was a personal priority of mine,” said Dr. Hoskins. “Our government continues to support local students with better schools for better learning. This is a substantial investment for Davisville students and their families.”

Midtown to the Max
– Former City Councillor Karen Stintz in the Midtown Post – October 1, 2015
A growing population means sky-high demand and no space in programs.

Midtown hub proposed for surplus TDSB land at Yonge and Davisville
– Midtown Hub in Post City Toronto – August 31, 2015
Midtown residents could be getting a new recreational facility at Yonge Street and Davisville Avenue. The Toronto District School Board’s (TDSB) plan to sell 0.98 acres of surplus land on the Davisville Public School site, in order to help fund the redevelopment of the rundown school, has ignited community-wide interest.

Calls mount for a community centre in Toronto’s growing midtown area
– Midtown Hub in Metro News – August 19, 2015
People living in Davisville want a community centre of their own. Rapid growth in the midtown neighbourhood has increased the need for more public space, and a community group is hoping a piece of land on offer at Davisville Public School can play home to a fix.

Who will help give Davisville Village a Hub — and a heart?
– Midtown Hub in the South Bayview Bulldog – August 15, 2015
John Hiddema, Stephanie Rickard Chadda and Chris Trussell have a dream. They’re among many residents of Davisville Village who want to see the Ward 22 community with a modern place for recreation, health care and social services.

Midtown Hub featured on CBC’s Metro Morning – August 12, 2015
David Common spoke with a mid-town resident who got together with some neighbours to push for a community hub at Yonge and Davisville.

Closed Ontario schools may be transformed into ‘community hubs’ – August 10, 2015
Their students may have disappeared, but many old schools across Ontario could get a second life as “community hubs” under a series of proposals presented to the province this week.

Queen’s Park urged to create more community hubs – August 10, 2015
Premier Kathleen Wynne has embraced a call for her government to cut red tape and make it easier for groups to create community hubs that cluster social services under one roof, often an unused school.

Ontario Community Hubs Action Plan Released – August 10, 2015
Premier Kathleen Wynne’s Community Hub Framework Advisory Group has released a report to guide the creation of community hubs.

Community group wants to keep Davisville Public School’s excess lands in public domain
– Midtown Hub article in the City Centre Mirror – July 30, 2015
With the Toronto District School Board (TDSB) looking to sell off a portion of the land on which Davisville Public School sits, a group of local residents are working to ensure the property remains usable for the public at large.

Midtown Hub article in the Town Crier – July 14, 2015
Davisville Junior Public School could mark the site of Ward 22’s first-ever community centre, if the people behind a newly minted grassroots organization get their way.

TDSB Pursuing Community Hubs – why isn’t the Province? – March 4, 2015
The TDSB has been collaborating with parents, community members and other stakeholders since 2010 to explore options for redeveloping the Davisville P.S. school site as a Community Hub.