Ontario’s Action Plan for Community Hubs

Premier Kathleen Wynne’s Community Hub Framework Advisory Group released a report on August 10, 2015, intended to guide the creation of community hubs.

As the Premier’s news release says, community hubs are part of the Premier’s vision for making the province the best place to work, live and raise a family.

We think the Premier getting behind the development of community hubs is a great idea and look forward to the province becoming involved in the creation of Midtown Hub.

The Premier’s special advisor on community hubs, Karen Pitre, held consultations before preparing her report and the action plan. Ms. Pitre told the Globe and Mail, “Public property is scarce, especially in quickly-densifying urban areas like Toronto, and the working group heard countless times that it would be a mistake to sell off any of it without thinking it through.”

We couldn’t agree more – Midtown Toronto needs a community hub and we need to keep all of the Davisville Public school site for public use.


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